Oil-Free Moisturizing Jellies : hydrating jelly

As an alternative to conventional skincare moisturizers, Mádara developed an innovative oil-free hydrating jelly that’s formulated to revive dry skin and reduce transepidermal water loss. Hydra Firm features multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, which means that different weights offer benefits at different levels. While Low molecular weight hyaluronic molecules offer smoothing and plumping at a deep level, larger molecules help to support the skin’s natural protective barrier.

With birch water (touted by the brand as “nature’s secret dope”), an amino acid blend and antioxidants, the all-natural and ultra-nourishing moisturizer offers a luxurious way to support dry or maturing skin.

Thanks to its unique properties, Mádara recommends using the alternative moisturizer with a face roller or a Gua Sha stone.

Image Credit: Mádara

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