Papaya Enzyme Skincare : Papaya Enzyme Skincare

The Papaya Enzyme Skincare Essentials from BAO Essentials is a debut skincare line that focuses on the power of tropical fruit for dissolving dead skin cells for brighter, healthier-looking skin. The range includes basics like a cleanser, toner, lotion and night cream, all of which feature papaya extract enzymes alongside other clean, simple and potent ingredient extracts like geranium, sage, cucumber, citrus fruits, apple and sugar cane.

Created by Jaé Joseph and Briana Wise, Black Apothecary Office (BAO) locally makes naturally created beauty essentials and offers them at accessible proces. As Joseph described in a press release, “BAO is about culture and community and we wanted to develop something reminiscent of storefront or ‘bodega’ beauty.”

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