Personal Struggle-Inspired Fashion : experimental fashion line

Jessan Macatangay—a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London, England—has debuted a captivating experimental fashion line that explores the depths of personal struggle. For the striking project, the emerging designer deconstructed select furniture elements. Incorporating drapes and chair frames into the core of this collection, Jessan Macatangay also plays with weight as the styles “become progressively lighter and less bulky.” It is namely the chair that symbolizes the struggle in the designer’s work. While in the composition of the first look the entire chair frame is incorporated, the second and third styles appear to rely on parts of the furniture. The fabrics are colorful, boasting lycra jersey and silk satin materials.

There are a total of five silhouettes in Jessan Macatangay’s experimental fashion line which is titled ‘Finding Beauty and Power in Struggle.’

Image Credit: Dezeen/ Jessan Macatangay

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