Plant-Based Celeb-Approved Cosmetics : Seratopical Revolution

The Seratopical Revolution cosmetic product range is a new lineup of solutions created by Sera Labs in partnership with Nicole Kidman to provide consumers with a plant-based way to fight the signs of aging.

The range includes 11 products in all that are each developed to help keep skin feeling youthful, while also increasing overall hydration levels. The products are formulated with the PꝫP complex and are reported to go deeper into the skin thanks to a tri-peptide delivery system.

Kidman spoke on the new Seratopical Revolution cosmetic product range further saying, “I really wanted to create something that was meaningful to me and that I knew people would genuinely enjoy. These products are personal to me from the scent to the texture. I am so excited to share them with the world and hope everyone loves them as much as we do.”

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