Playful Produce-Inspired Jewelry : Immany London

Immany London’s Garden Produce Necklace is a statement jewelry pieces with vegetable-inspired charms — a matching bracelet is also available on the brand’s website. The accessory boasts a gold-tone chain with garden veggie charms that are featured in bold colors. The charms are handcrafted from lamp-work glass and include a small pumpkin, a bell pepper and leeks. Additionally, the necklace is accented with blue, yellow and black beads along with floral detailing.

Specializing in fun jewelry with an arts and crafts aesthetic, Immany London is best known for its real flower-inspired and fruit-shaped earrings.

The brand’s Garden Produce Necklace with vegetable charms is a fun piece for Summer and is a handcrafted, artisan item that is offered at an accessible price point.

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