Practicing these 5 Yoga Poses Can be a Boon For Your Mind, Body and Soul

Taking care of health in this fast paced lifestyle is not just difficult but next to impossible. The only thing that can keep you healthy from within is ‘YOGA’, which also happens to be cost-effective. Yes, yoga helps us stay healthy and stress-free despite of the busy and almost messed lifestyle that we lead. Yoga keeps mind body and soul healthy while it does not take much time. You can give it just 30 minutes daily and it will work wonders for your health.

The best part of yoga is that you do not have to be a pro in yoga. No matter what your age, weight, size or body stats is, yoga is for you. It can boost your mind and body without much effort. There is no need to be scared of the word ‘yoga’ or the complex yoga poses that you must witness in yoga studios and yoga programs, yoga is for everyone. Let’s find out the yoga poses that can be practiced by people of all age groups without facing any trouble.

Right Way to do Vajrasana

Sit while bending your legs in such a way that your toes of both your feet are under your hips. The feet should be closer to each other. Place your palms on your knees. Keep your back straight. Stay in the position for 5 to 6 breaths. 

Benefits of Vajrasana

  • Vajrasana is mainly done after meals
  • It helps in digesting the food
  • It can provide relief from gas, constipation and indigestion etc
  • Vajrasana also strengthens your backbone

Right Way to do Bhadrasana

First of all, take a yoga mat and sit in Dandasana. Now, bend your knees and join both your feet together. Now, hold the toes of your feet and try touching the floor with your head. Try looking at the bridge of your nose for some time.

Benefits of Bhadrasana

  • It boosts your brain and concentration
  • It improves the digestion system
  • It strengthens the leg muscles
  • It wards off headache, backache and weak eyesight
  • It cures insomnia

The Right Way to do Balasana

Take a yoga mat and sit on your heels. Keep your knees apart and take a deep breath and stretch your arms above your head. Start bending forward and touch the floor with your forehead and arms still above, touching the floor. Now exhale. Press your chest against your knees and maintain your breathing. Stay in the same position for few breaths. Get back to the initial position.

Benefits of Balasana

  • It helps you reduce belly fat
  • It strengthens the knees and muscles
  • It gives relief from stress
  • It eases the tightness of shoulders and neck

The Right Way to do Bhujangasana

Take a yoga mat and lie upside down, on your stomach. Stretch your legs out. Place your palms on the mat, either sides of your chest and raise the upper half of your body while inhaling slowly. Your weight should be on your hands.  Hold this position for a few breaths then exhale slowly and get back to the previous position and relax.

Benefits of Bhujangasana

  • This pose reduces belly fat, helps you slim your waist and helps you have broad and strong shoulders
  • It increases flexibility in the body
  • It gives you a well-shaped body

The Right Way to do Ushtrasana

In this pose, you create the shape of a camel, which is why it is called ushtrasana or camel pose. Kneel down on the yoga mat. Slowly bend backward while exhaling slowly. Stretch your arms backside and try touching your toes. You will be able to feel your spine stretching and your abdominal muscles. Tilt your head backward while stretching your throat. Stay in the position for a moment and then release to get back in initial position, on your knees and relax.

Benefits of Ushtrasana

  • It reduces belly fat
  • It controls diabetes
  • This pose is best for your lungs’ health
  • This yoga pose is an ultimate cure for back and neck ache

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