Prebiotic Scalp Serums : scalp serum

In recent months, consumers have been paying more attention to the health of their hair by paying extra attention to the scalp, and one of Virtue’s newest products is a scalp serum that supports strong, healthy hair. Just as many skincare aficionados are already in the habit of applying a skincare serum at night, this Topical Scalp Supplement can be integrated into a similar evening ritual. The product is designed to be applied and massaged into the scalp so that its potent blend of Vitamin B, peptides, prebiotics and Alpha Keratin 60ku can get to work overnight.

The lightweight, fast-absorbing Topical Scalp Supplement acknowledges that the scalp is an “incredibly complex ecosystem of hair, skin, oil, and natural flora” and it needs to be nourished as such.

Image Credit: Virtue

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