Protective Alert Necklaces : 3D Printed Pendant Necklace

Alongside protective face mask coverings and on-the-go hand sanitizers, other protective products are being introduced to help people adopt new essentials and healthy habits—like the 3D-printed pendant necklace called Pulse by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The open-source necklace design was created with the intention of helping to reduce the spread of the coronavirus by warning people when they are about to touch their face.

Equipped with a proximity sensor, the Pulse necklace vibrates if it detects a hand close to the face and the vibrations become stronger the closer the hand gets. Since hand-to-face contact is often a subconscious behavior and it goes overlooked, this protective accessory has the potential to help people be more mindful of not touching their face.

The 3D-printed pendant necklace is a wearable that can be made with a few pieces of equipment, which are listed and linked on NASA’s GitHub project page for Pulse.

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