Pull-Off These Exercises Like A Pro

We all praise staring at the hot bodies of Bollywood celebrities. But let us overlook it: staying healthy and seeming ravishing is their daily bread. Though we can’t help throughout this period of lockdown but wonder how these celebrities must be working out (presently that the gyms are closed). But you must have heard that, where there is a will, there is a way. And Ek Villian starlet Shraddha Kapoor understands whence to work it out even when she is at the house. Recently, the actress shared her video on Instagram, where she was seen doing a terrace exercise session.

The Aashiqui 2 actress was seen doing squats, running, and high-knees in the video. The complete video made a fabulous cardio exercise and also help tone legs. Well, are you too motivated by Shraddha Kapoor’s workout session? If yes, then here are some suggestions on how you can pull off these 3 activities at the house like a professional. 


Utilise whatever space you have! As we know that not everyone has the richness of a large terraced garden. However, all you need is to speed-up. Don’t jog slowly, instead, do full-speed races/sprints. Don’t forget to time yourself, you can keep a handy stopwatch. To begin with, do a 1-minute race and then go full accelerator.

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Are you doing your squats properly?

Do you know that your position matters, when you do a squat? So make sure that your toes are exact and not askew surface. Do not let your joints go ahead of your toes and keep your spine upright. Keep your firearms on your head or vertical in front of your face for better stability, and go as far as the potential for greater results.

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Go high with high knees

Do you know that high knees are one of the most beneficial cardio exercises? Yes, it is because it just doesn’t concentrate on limb tissues but it also works on your heart. If you watch this video again, then you can see Shraddha keeping her toes pointed (do-follow that). Here is another thing to remember, i.e. to bring your joint as high as probable (at least at your ribs level). In addition to it, keep your kernel set and if you do not have sufficient area then you can do high hinges on the point as well.

So, there you go, people, take some motivation from your favourite Shraddha Kapoor and stay healthy at the house. 

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