Red-Soled Leather Shoes : CLOT1

For the 60th anniversary of its 1461 silhouette, Dr. Martens has announced a new partnership with streetwear and lifestyle brand CLOT, bringing fans a remixed launch of the popular silhouette.

Perfect for the warmer months of the year, the low-cut silhouette can be paired with virtually any outfit, whether it’s a casual dress, jeans and a tee, or a polished office-friendly look. With the bold red soles that result from the partnership, the shoes instantly stand out, yet are still versatile enough to integrate into everyday wear. In place of Dr. Martens’ typical yellow stitching, the new 1461 features a matching red thread. This theme is continued into the sock liner, with CLOT’s signature red silk pattern also found here.

Image Credit: Dr. Martens

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