Redesigned Automated Air Fresheners : Air Wick Freshmatic

The Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener has been redesigned by Reckitt Benckiser (RB) as a new option for consumers who are looking for an automated way to keep their home smelling fresh. The air freshener appliance features a sculpted design that has a total shipping weight that’s 28.9% lighter than the previous model, which also results in a 17.2% reduction in the amount of plastic used to craft the appliance. The unit is also now only powered by one battery versus two to make it easy to maintain for consumers.

RB Freshmatic Marketer David Bermejo spoke on the redesigned Air Wick Freshmatic air freshener saying, “Understanding our customers’ desires for the redesign was essential. The device has always delivered in terms of fragrance over a long period, but the new design allows the product to take centre-stage in the home environment, something to be proudly displayed, not hidden away. Reducing the amount of plastic is also hugely positive and part of our ambition to make the device more responsible. This has also reduced the total shipping weight by 28.9%, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels for shipping.”

Image Credit: Marks design agency

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