Revived 90s-Era Varsity Jackets : KANI VARSITY

Brooklyn-based designer Karl Kani has announced that he is re-releasing one of his most iconic pieces, the ‘KANI VARSITY’ jacket.

The revived jacket will be limited to a total of just 100 pieces, making it a highly exclusive item that should appeal to collectors interested in authentic retro aesthetics. The new version of the jacket features a premium leather construction, handcrafted embroidery, and eye-popping white collars and cuffs.

“This is a declaration of love to Brooklyn, for all those kids on the street hustling. For the ‘Kings and Queens’ who built the empire of hip-hop representing the whole culture – a statement – welcome to the club.,” said Kani in a recent press release, referencing the jacket’s cultural legacy.

Image Credit: Karl Kani

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