Richa Chadha reacts to people celebrating the failure of Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Dhaakad’; Says, “They are expressing dissent in whatever way they can’ | Hindi Movie News

Kangana Ranaut starrer ‘Dhaakad‘ was released alongside Kartik Aaryan‘s ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2‘ on Friday. Despite an impressive trailer, Kangana’s film didn’t manage to attract cinema lovers to the theatres. It took a poor opening at the box office. Reportedly, the shows of the film are being taken down in theatres because there is no audience. The failure of her film is being celebrated by many on social media.

On Monday, ‘Lock Upp‘ fame Tehseen Poonawalla shared some tweets criticising people who are celebrating Kangana’s failure. He wrote, “The trolling of #KanganaRanaut for her movie #Dhaakad is extremely unfair! We may agree or disagree with #KanganaRanaut but cannot take away from the fact she is one of the best actors in cinema today and a risk taker. More power to you #KanganaRanaut.”

Soon after he tweeted, Richa Chadha expressed her thoughts on the same. She tweeted, “Aligning with power is easy and has obvious rewards like tax exemptions,awards,special status, security-even literally the Legislature promoting a film!So do you not know that the reverse also holds true Tehseen?Ppl are expressing dissent in whatever way they can. So chill😊.” Replying to her, Tehseen wrote, “I am extremely chilled. I haven’t seen her movie despite #KanganaRanaut being kind enough to invite me. I would stand up for the movie business . No flops should be cheered period because it hurts the industry. If the government does wrong, doesn’t mean we should as well !.”

To this, Richa further replied, “Very systematically, a narrative was built that the film industry in Mumbai is the den of all vice. People here are murderous etc. Many people participated in this narrative building. Now some others celebrating other ppl’s downfalls is an unfortunate consequence of that.”

Richa, who has worked with Kangana in ‘Panga’, also said that a film’s failure should not be celebrated. She tweeted, “Yes. It’s morally wrong and also because thousands of people work on a film. But also, it happens. And to everyone.”

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