Semi-Liquid-Like Jewelry : scraps of silver

Brooklyn designer Erin Considine’s new jewelry pieces—which takes on an interesting form as it is made out of scraps of silver—is bound to capture the attention of consumers. The collection is made by hand and the designs were commissioned by New York-based brand Lauren Manoogian.

Creative Erin Considine interacts with the material in a way that makes “the metal flow.” Drawing on her substantial blacksmithing experience at the Haystack Mountain School of Craftsmelted scraps of silver—sterling, to be exact—and reshaped them at very high heat. From the delicate earings and the striking thick band ring to the elegant necklace, the chic jewelry pieces assume an organic form and unique textures thanks to its method of production. The collection is described to be “semi-liquid-like.”

Image Credit: Dezeen

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