Shilpa Shetty announces a break from social media, says, “Bored of the monotony, everything looking the same” | Hindi Movie News

Shilpa Shetty enjoys massive following on social media, her motivational posts and fitness inspiration are hugely popular with fans. However, the actress has now announced a break from Instagram and Twitter. “Soooo bored of the monotony, everything looking the same… going off social media till I find a new avatar,” Shilpa Shetty announced on Thursday.

Just a couple of days ago Shilpa Shetty had penned an inspirational post on one’s personality. “We’re always told that we’re unique, and so, it is pointless to try to imitate or replicate someone else’s behaviour. However, what we also need to be mindful of is that our own personalities have some good and some not-so-good aspects. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is all good or all bad. We’re all works in progress with individual personalities, and that is OKAY. So, let’s work on the good traits and make them better, while we try to work on keeping the not-so-good traits under control. Choosing to be the BEST version of oneself is a conscious choice to be made by each one of us every day,” Shilpa had shared. Apart from such posts, Shilpa Shetty also shared videos and photos with her kids from their holidays and festive celebrations.

Last year, Shilpa’s husband Raj Kundra had deleted his social media presence. Soon after he was released on bail in connection with pornographic content case, Raj Kundra deactivated his social media handles. However he briefly returned to Instagram with a private profile, but Raj has majorly stayed away from social media. Months after the controversy, Raj Kundra had clarified in a statement, “After much contemplation, considering there are many misleading and irresponsible statements and articles floating around and my silence has been misconstrued for weakness. I would like to start by stating that I have NEVER been involved in the production and distribution of ‘pornography’ EVER in my life. This whole episode has been nothing but a witch hunt. The matter is sub judice so I cannot elucidate, but I am ready to face trial and have full faith in the judiciary, where the truth will prevail.”

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