Sitcom-Themed Nail Polishes : Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen unveiled its new Friends-inspired nail polish collection. The new range includes 10 shades that take their names from the classic sitcom’s most iconic moments and recognizable tropes.

Rendered in the brand’s Miracle Gel formula, the collection boasts a long-lasting range of nail polishes in vibrant summer colors. Sally Hansen teamed up with the beloved 90’s sitcom Friends to launch the limited-edition range. Some featured colors include Pivot, an orange glitter polish inspired by one of the show’s memorable moments. Oh.My.Coffee is a mocha-toned shade, while the He’s Her Lobster color boasts a pearlescent red. Other shades in the collection include Central Pink, A Moo Point, Lavendoor, Yellow Taxi, Stick to the Routine, and more.

Image Credit: Sally Hansen

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