Social Distancing Bands : Distancing Preferences

Although people are beginning to be able to spend more time in public, not everyone has the same social distancing preferences. To address this, SubSafe is introducing a series of colorful bands that are meant to silently communicate each person’s needs and level of comfort when it comes to interacting with others.

The Social Bands were devised as a way for people to show their distancing preferences in places where there will be large groups, such as cruise ships, office buildings or trade shows. The affordable bands offer an easy-to-follow visual system with color-coded designs—red bands indicate “no contact,” yellow means “elbows only” and green gives the go-ahead for high fives and handshakes. While there will inevitably be awkward encounters as people navigate the new normal, these bands have the potential to minimize unwanted contact.

Image Credit: SubSafe

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