‘Some days you don’t fit in your jeans and that’s okay’

The fitness expert and founder of TIFFXO has opened up about the realities of trying to fit into her pre-COVID jeans, and why she won’t let negative body image thoughts get the better of her.

Coronavirus restrictions really tested our mindset. With gyms closed, it was up to each one of us to find the motivation to stick to our regular workout and diet regimen. But naturally, we all fell off the wayside, those 10k steps weren’t reached on a daily basis, and banana bread baking – and eating – become the new norm. It’s safe to say we may have put on a few extra kilos while in iso.

Now restrictions have started to ease, you may have attempted to jump out of your trackies for the first time and slip into your jeans – only to realise they don’t quite fit anymore…. Cue all the negative body image thoughts: panic, anxiety, and a feeling of complete shame and embarrassment.

But Tiff Hall wants you to feel absolutely none of this. In a recent Instagram post, the fitness expert opened up about the realities of her own fluctuating body weight.

“Reality check: Some days you just don’t fit your jeans, and that’s okay!” the mother-of-one told her 218k followers.

“As you can see in the photo on the right, I was a little bummed that I couldn’t fit comfortably into my fave pair that day (spoiler: it took ample squeezing, but we got there!”

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She goes on to explain that even as a professional trainer, her body fluctuates, too.

“I love my body in each of these pics – I’m healthy, strong, and fit. But naturally, even as a professional trainer, my body fluctuates a little in weight, definition and shape.“These selfies were taken across one month. In that time I had killer training sessions, training sessions that consisted mainly of foam rolling, as well as rest days.“I had days where I felt crippled by stress, and days where I made time to meditate. I had sleepless nights, restless nights, and nights where I was out like a light by 9pm. I over-snacked some days, and ate only clean, portion controlled meals others.”

Hall continues, explaining that everyone has their good and bad days.

“What I’m trying to say is, sometimes you wake up and the mirror tells you that you’ve made progress, sometimes the muscle definition you swear was there a few days earlier has gone MIA.“There are many contributors to this – period pain, stress, sleep deprivation, food intolerances, dehydration, hormones, big family dinners, alcohol, the list goes on!”

The founder of fitness program TIFFXO, shares two tips she swears by to keep her mental health in check whenever negative body image thoughts enter her mind.

“I can’t always pinpoint exactly what causes me to bloat, or what scares off my abs, or why my stretch marks are more prominent some days over others. But what I can do is this:

1/ Practice mindfulness in moments of doubt and be kind to myself. This is my “normal”2/ Share with you as much truth as I can to show you that there is no “perfect” no matter how it may appear on social media.”

Hall concludes: “Be kind to yourself, listen to your body and don’t sweat the small stuff – you’re beautiful. Xo.”

THANK YOU for the reminder we definitely all needed.

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