Song suggestions for the lockdown, by Othasevuru’s Tharun Sekar

‘The Wind’ by Yusuf/Cat Stevens

I love the simplicity and the lyrics of the song, and the way Cat Stevens takes something so profound and puts it into something as short as a two-minute song.

‘Moonshadow’ by Yusuf/Cat Stevens

This lets me simply slow down and enjoy the process of the music, with no rush.

‘Where do the children play?’ by Yusuf/Cat Stevens

This is just a simple song with a single guitar. It lets me slow down, with nothing but a gentle slow breeze and one of Cat Stevens’ finest melodies.

‘Ma Mama’ by Richard Bona

Richard Bona opened up the nature of African folk songs to the world. This is a fragile and intimate number.

‘Please don’t stop’ by Richard Bona

The groove of it keeps me moving. It makes me want to swing, and his sweet voice just hits.

Get philosophical

‘Vasanam’ by Kurangan

It made me understand, dissect and re-analyse human behaviour. Even today, it raises new questions as I listen to it again and again.

‘Pirakkum Pothum Azhugindraai’ by Chandrababu, Kannadasan

It is soothing to listen to when stuck in a crisis; and the melancholy of the song is oddly comforting and warm.

‘I wonder’ by Sixto Rodriguez

This is one of the best campfire songs. I wonder how this song never became anything when it was released, but later influenced a whole generation somewhere else.

‘David Foster Wallace’ by Kurangan

The live version in Terrace jams was the first version that I listened to. It is a parable. It made me realise how important it is to live in the moment.

‘Nowhere man’ by The Beatles

“Doesn’t have a point of view/ Knows not where he’s going to/ Isn’t he a bit like you and me?”

Celebration time

‘Sun is shining’ by Bob Marley

When I listen to this, I feel alive. The vibes I am feeling and knowledge I am receiving are colourful.

‘Gaana karunkuyile’ by Ilaiyaraaja

The beat. The voice. The story of it. The way the flute interlude makes us dance. The vocal chants! What a song.

‘Erikkarai poongatre’ by Ilaiyaraaja

This song transports you to a hillside river. Imagine dipping your feet in while looking at the fish passing by.

‘Twist and shout’ by The Beatles

This song is for a young man who doesn’t think he has seen anything good today.

‘Fun fun fun’ by The Beach Boys

‘Fun fun fun’ is considered one of the best Beach Boys songs, which played as a cornerstone of popular American music at the time. This song is full of youthful energy.

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