Streetwear-Brand Debut Beauty Lines : paperwork

Off-White officially unveils its first-ever beauty line, which was in works by Virgil Abloh before his passing – the new PAPERWORK’ range features a selection of genderless products. It features four scents followed by six body and face pigment crayons, stencils, and six nail polish colors.

Abloh imagined the concept as “another canvas, another surface for human expression.” The new line marks a push toward the mission of a more inclusive beauty industry by working with all races, ages, and gender in this new age. Every fragrance is proposed to be a “Solution” – one has a sporty fresh scent with 90s undertones, and another fragrance is meant to be confident and citrusy. The third is romantic and classic, and finally, the last is a ‘reminder of nature.’

Image Credit: Off-White

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