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Super Simple Shoulder Workout


Defined shoulders shape your whole arm and make your waist look smaller 😉 These are the shoulder exercises I’ve been doing the last few weeks to get back muscle there (while my distal bicep tear repair has been recovering I could not do really any arm exercises weeks ago)

While my favorite moves like pull ups, chin ups , handstands, push ups are totally out until month 6, I’ve turned to light weights. I am sharing them here for you as you can do these regardless if you are a beginner or advanced!

You can do this with any size weight OR with soup cans, water bottles or even without anything. I’m using 5 lb weights here.

There is no magic number or reps. Do what is challenging for YOU. It’s the intensity and progression that will change your muscles. I typically will use time vs counting (30 seconds- 60 seconds for each move)

If you want to go HEAVIER do LESS like 6-12 reps. If LIGHTER do MORE 🙂 For ME I typically do a lot more with lighter… if I were to count likely 40-50 🙂

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