Sustainable Sun Protection Shirts : Eco-Friendly T-Shirts

The Seadon eco-friendly T-shirts are a premium range of garments for adventurers that will enable them to maintain total comfort and style when spending extended periods of time in the wilderness.

The shirts come in three style options including The Trailblazer, The Traveller and The Daymaker, which are each made with eco-friendly materials. This includes recycled PET, Polygiene and miDori for The Trailblazer, merino wool and Tencel for The Traveller and recycled PET, Tencel, miDori and Polygiene for The Daymaker.

The Seadon eco-friendly T-shirts are each focused on delivering an exceptional level of comfort and coolness for wearers, which will help to keep them feeling agile no matter what activity they’re partaking in. The shirts are also crafted with sun protection built-in to help wearers stay comfortable in bright conditions.

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