Talisman-Themed Modern Fashion : Angelo Plessas

Thomas Persson, Acne Paper’s editor had paid a visit to the studio of Angelo Plessas, where the artist was preparing quilts for South Korean’s Gwangju Biennale, he was quickly captivated by the designs that he saw. He described himself as a “technoshaman,” as he unifies the different concepts of costume design, fashion, spirituality, art, and technology through his artwork.

In this new collaboration between the artist and Acne Studios, the artist explores the concept of talismans in modern life. He incorporates details such as embroidered patches based on his signature Noospheric Cape project that aims to help with healing our hyper-connected world. He states, “The symbols come from a project where I explored the idea of the talisman in contemporary life. I was using symbols and semiotics that you see in ancient Greece, for example, but also in everyday communication like emojis and emoticons, and even cybernetics.”

Image Credit: Acne Studios

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