The Ultimate Core Exercise Tips by Sucheta Pal

Being a mom, I have realised that the journey of motherhood isn’t easy. During pregnancy, the body changes drastically and takes a toll on your muscles, skin, joints, and hormones. The most affected part, according to be would be the noticeable pre and post-birth difference can be found within your core. While in your pregnancy stage, the muscles, fascia and skin also stretch. I know the feeling and pain you get that is caused by physical problems, including back pain and a leaky bladder. The abdominal muscles may have separated during the pregnancy. It might take some time to get healthy after birth, but sometimes they can stay separated. You have to get back on your feet and strengthen these muscles to avoid the back pain and injury.

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Make sure that you stay away from abdominal crunches during pregnancy or those first months postpartum. Regular exercises will help you strengthen your pelvic floor. Take care not to do vigorous exercise too soon. Consult your doctor to know when you should start your exercise as this will be a safe and effective way to strengthen your core after giving birth that will gradually increase your activity level without any problem. If you ladies are suffering from lower back pain, especially the new moms, then you are not doing your core exercise well. We all have different bodies and strengths, so depending on your body, the healing takes place. Before getting into this exercise, educate and learn about your body.

So all of you must be wondering how I started my workouts at five weeks postpartum and as a C section mom? It’s all because of the core exercises I have been doing. Not just squats, lunges, kettlebell swings or even shuffles, but I can also take care of my baby for hours thanks to the amazing posture correction that happens by default.

Sucking-It In Does Not Work

Over the years since I am working out, I have understood that “sucking it in” is not core engagement. Before getting into core exercise, it’s necessary to know what is the core. The core refers to all of the muscles, which wrap around your torso and support pelvis and spine. Not maintaining the core can weaken your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

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Brace Yourself, Ladies

The easiest way to engage your core is to brace yourself as if you are expecting a strong punch to the torso, and then inhale into your stomach. The core engages naturally right before you laugh or cough, so if you initiate any of these actions, you’ll get to know the feeling when your core is engaged. Holding your breath or deep belly breathing while sucking your stomach are the most common mistakes people make when told to engage their core. Ironically, this is pretty much the exact opposite of how to engage your core correctly.


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