Timeless Members’ Club Interiors : Members’ club interior

This members’ club interior is the result of a collaboration between London-based design studio Pirajean Lees and Olly Bengough who is the owner and creative director of Koko—an iconic music venue that was recently renovated and expanded to include a memberships’ club. The new addition is known as ‘The House of Koko.’

Members’ clubs are a great space to conduct business, socialize, dine, and have a good time. Predominantly used to entertain and impress clients and colleagues, such spaces are usually designed to evoke a certain level of luxury and exclusivity that draws people in. Pirajean Lees and Olly Bengough created a members’ club interior that boasted chic modular furniture, soft furnishings, and ornamental details. The interiors were also informed by Koko’s “theatrical past” and “playfully reflect how traditional theatres used to run.”

Image Credit: Lesley Lau

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