TM Krishna to perform live on Instagram and Facebook to raise funds for artistes

The renowned Carnatic singer will lead an informal live session on social media with music and conversations, to raise funds for artistes affected by COVID-19

A live TM Krishna concert can now be streamed from anywhere. The only requirement is a screen and of course, social media. The Carnatic vocalist will be taking to social media on June 12 to interact and share music with all. The programme titled The Dropbox Concert hopes to be an informal mix of song requests, conversation starters and and cameos. Scheduled to be held on Facebook and Instagram, the live will be accessible to all.

This particular live session is also part of his attempts to raise funds for artistes displaced financially during the pandemic. “It’s absolutely open. I hope to have all my reference books open because I don’t know what people will be asking,” he says adding, “I am trying to keep it as personal as possible.” The audience can share thoughts and also request specific songs which will be performed.

“A few senior and young artistes would also come in and go as cameos.” Vyasarpadi Kothandaraman (nadaswaram), Bharat Sundar (vocals), Sumesh Narayanan (mridangam), Brinda Manickavasagam (vocals) and N Guruprasad (ghatam) are the artistes who will make their appearances with a set or a song.

In March 2020, Krishna started his efforts to raise funds for artistes through #ShutIn concerts. This time around, a different format is being tried out. “By January 2021, we (Sumanasa Foundation) had shared more than ₹1 crore with over 3,000 artistes across India. And by February, we stepped back. We felt things were improving and may get better. That’s when the second wave hit,” says Krishna. Since then, fundraisers have been kickstarted aided by small events like The Dropbox Concert. A virtual workshop by Bharatanatyam exponent Priyadarsini Govind has also been planned for later this month.

“If there are small groups of 15-20 people who want a small lec-dem about an art form, we can organise it for them virtually, so that the artistes who perform in that get their remuneration. This becomes a professional engagement for the artistes as well. We are also experimenting with as many models as we can, in this environment,” he concludes.

The sessions will be on Instagram (@tmkrishnaofficial) and Facebook (@tmkrishna) from 8 pm onwards.

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