Trustworthy Multi-Purpose Balms : Multi-purpose balm

Sade Baron boasts a multi-purpose balm that you can take with you on your daily commute, when traveling, or keep to simply use at home. The innovative product is designed to be delicate and the sweet smell definitely contributes to the pleasure of using it. The brand focused on delivering an ultra-nourishing experience. The effective multi-purpose balm is rich in vitamins A, C, and E—the latter is a powerful antioxidant that prevents dry, flaking skin. Other additions include Cocoa Butter (a phytonutrient that protects skin from moisture loss, while maintaining elasticity and tone), Apricot Kernel Oil (another antioxidant), and Rosehip (a fatty acid).

Individuals can use the multi-purpose balm on dry cracked skin, hands, nails/cuticles, rashes, razor burns, lips, windburns, as well as after-sun care.

Image Credit: Sade Baron

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