Versatile Thermo-Regulating Onesies : The Arrow Unitard

The Arrow Unitard by Port de Bras is a highly versatile piece. It is ideal for wearing at the gym, out for drinks, and running errands. Its design uses arrows from top to bottom to give the illusion of elongation throughout the body to flatter all those who wear it.

Uniquely, the unitard is made with polyamide 6.6-based smart yard equipped with infrared technology that transforms the human body heat into benefits for the skin. Bioactive minerals are embedded in the yard and designed to absorb the body’s heat to offer thermo-regulation properties. In addition, this process improves blood micro-circulation.

Patterned with black arrows over top of an off-white fabric, Port de Bras’ Arrow Unitard is a unique addition to any wardrobe.

Image Credit: Port de Bras

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