Vintage Pattern-Clashed Fashion : 70s flair

NEEDLES introduces its collection for the Spring/Summer 2021 season and it is inspired by a 70s flair element, referencing past eras for the upcoming season. The Japanese brand explores dramatic prints and patterns alongside unique retro silhouettes as well. There are classic tracksuits that make up the collection along with whimsical structures that are true to the vintage aesthetic overall.

In addition to the apparel, the brand also drops some footwear including heeled boots, chunky trainer shoes, and loafers. The apparel also has some turtleneck shirts to transition into the weather and statement pieces such as paisley tuxedo jackets, peak lapel blazers in red, and more. The pants are bold in design through its shape and colors including the H.D. Pant made with a striped twill.

Image Credit: NEEDLES

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