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On July 20, 2020, there will be this year’s second new moon in Cancer, which will test your mental health and make you rethink your overall well being. Here’s what to expect, and how you can make the most of this rare astrological transition.

Mercury retrograde may have ended on July 12, but have you still been in a… mood? Like, have you been feeling an overwhelming amount of emotions? Or feel as though you are constantly being pressured to heal and forget what has happened, and still happening on a personal and global scale? Maybe you’ve been feeling more exhausted than usual?

Well, now – like, starting today – is the day to reclaim all your feelings and take rein on how you want to make the most of the remainder of this (dreadful) year. You see, this year there are two new moons in Cancer. The first happened on June 20, and now on Monday, July 20, the second is happening. But there’s a catch: this new moon is unlike June’s.

Here’s what to expect, and what it means for you…

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What July 2020’s new moon in Cancer means for you

Astrologer Natasha Weber says this new moon will bring another whirlwind of emotions.

“Emotions will feel like they’re on steroids,” Weber tells Body+Soul. “The sign of Cancer feels everything profoundly, so people may be extra touchy or emotional over the next two weeks.”

The rare pairing will make you question your emotional wellbeing and test your mental health.

Are you okay? Like, really okay? Or have you become an expert in masking your true feelings?

The new moon will help you get real with yourself, and you’ll become more in touch with your emotions. Step outside your comfort zone to make changes you honestly think will help improve your life.

Saturn is also exactly opposite Cancer in Capricorn during this new moon, which will make you have deep thoughts about what is and isn’t working in your life. Re-evaluate your needs and goals, and listen to your heart. On July 22, when Leo season begins, try activities you’ve always wanted to experience – especially if they have an element of thrill or novelty to them.

In regards to home, family and nurturing, now is the time to repair fractured bonds and refresh your nest. A disagreement with family members may finally be ending or you might be ready to make a big move from your current living situation.

Mercury is direct, so it’s important you take advantage and speak with confidence as communication is less likely to get lost in translation. But it’s key to still approach communication in a caring way as many are coping with feelings of unrest and upset as a direct result of the state of our world today.

Moreover, Weber says small business owners will be affected.

“This new moon addresses small business owners. We’ll see an increase in discussions around how to keep small businesses afloat. Entrepreneurs should draw on any resources and support available to them at this time. If possible, put your thinking cap on and come up with an option B, just in case.”

How to navigate through July 2020’s new moon in Cancer

While the new moon offers a chance to hit refresh on the year, there’s no need to rush any decision – this new moon is just the beginning of a six-month cycle that will culminate right before NYE on December 29, 2020. What you do need to do is take some sort of action now. This could be as simple as opening up to a fresh perspective on a situation that has been lurking in the distance.

While all zodiac signs will feel the effect of this rare new moon, Cancer and Capricorn will feel it the most.

Now is a time for self-development and awareness. You’ll realise that life isn’t always perfect, but in doing so, you’ll become more resilient – a priceless quality.

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