Witty Wine-Branded Summer Accessories : Summer is Everything

Iconic influencer-founded wine brand, BABE Wine, recently debuted the new, chic ‘Summer Is Everything’ collection that features adorable summer accessories in bright and Millennial-approved colorways.

The collection features an ‘Out of Office’ pool float, a ‘Shade’ baseball hat, a ‘Kaleidoscope’ beach towel, and in the spirit of quarantine, a ‘Summer’ puzzle. The cool new merch is currently available on the BABE Wine website.

In addition to the fun ‘Summer is Everything’ merch, consumers can also get their hands on the BABE Wine Red, Grigio and Rosé wine on the site. The wine-in-a-can format is the perfect solution to drink by the poolside and is available in 8, 12, and 24 packs.

Image Credits: BABE Wine

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