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With WWE’s iconic PPV – Extreme Rules, scheduled for 19th July 2020, keeping your eyes on the prize never seemed more real. That is because there is a new Title in town. As WWE Superstar MVP introduced a new WWE United States Championship on Monday night RAW, Apollo Crews will defend the United States Championship against MVP at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. The fervent self-promoter went on to unveil a new look to the United States Championship Title. Should he retain his Title – The Title and its new design will move forward too.

The Title now features only three plates. The center plate is an upside-down heptagon. The top portion of the center plate features the WWE logo flanked by white stars on a gold background. Below this, “UNITED STATES” is written in red, with “CHAMPION” prominently written below that in blue; eight stars divide the two. Below the word ‘Champion’ is an eagle with its wings spread out across the plate, with the red and white stripes of the American flag beneath its wings. In line with majority of the other WWE Championship Titles, this Title features two side plates with a removable center section that can be customized with the Champion’s logos; the default side plates consist of the WWE logo over a globe.

As we await this fantastic showdown at Extreme Rules 2020, here are some fun facts about the United States Championship Title that may surprise you.

Long awaited upgrade

The new United States Championship is the only current main roster Championship that has never received an update since its re-commission in 2003, even with John Cena adding a bit of a ‘custom spin’ to the Title in 2004 during his run as the Champion. The design which is currently used for the Title was updated in 2014 but it has not received a complete redesign since 2003 and right now it’s the oldest design currently used in the WWE. The new Title has received an uplift for the first time in 17 years.

Title that has changed hands the most

2018 saw the United States Championship and both sets of Tag Team Titles change hands the most. Due to Rey Mysterio’s Title win on November 25th, the United States Championship Title saw eight changes in the calendar year.

Title goes way back

Of all the currently active WWE Championships, the United States Championship is the only one that was not originated in the promotion. It is the second oldest active Title in the company, behind the WWE Championship (1963), but the third longest-tenured Championship, behind the WWE Championship and Intercontinental Championship (1979).

Re-establishing Honour

In 2015, WWE introduced an updated version of its Grand Slam Championship, and the United States Championship became officially recognized as a component of the re-established honour. At SummerSlam in 2015, United States Champion John Cena faced WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in a Winner Takes All match, which Rollins ultimately won to become the first WWE Superstar to hold both the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship simultaneously.

Championing the Title

There have been 97 different champions of the Title since it first began with Ric Flair having the most reigns at six. Booker T and Seth Rollins are the only two men to have held both the United States Championship and a World Championship simultaneously.

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