Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of June 12th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday June 12th, to Friday June 18th.

Have a rest. Indulge in a snooze. Sprawl on the sofa. Try, this week, to do no more than you have to. If possible, try to do even less than that! Be as vague as you can and as idle as you know how to be. Stay in bed longer than you should, and go there when you shouldn’t. Eat lots of chocolate and soak in the bath. Most of all, refuse to worry. Put your to-do lists out of sight. No matter how conscientious you are, since you’ll only go round in circles, you might as well let the circles go round by themselves. All will be well!

A strained (or stressful) situation in your life is about to show definite signs of getting easier and lighter. A situation that once seemed to be set in stone is starting to look more malleable. You’re feeling cautiously inspired by the encouraging possibilities that are arising as a result of all that’s changing. Yet it’s hard not to worry about the uncertainty these changes will bring. On top of all this, you’re concerned about a looming deadline. But you should really just relax. Under the empowered Arc of Aquarius, there’s nothing to fear.

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Watch out! You’re full of sparks and fire. If you brush against something (or someone) you might set off an unpredictable reaction. Even your gaze is producing heat and enthusiasm. It’s a good job you know what you want and why. Power like this, without a sense of purpose, has the potential to create a real commotion. This week, you need to make sure you know why you want what you want, because, with Venus settled into your sign, your heart is set on something, even if your mind doesn’t think it’s made up.

Where do you feel safe? When are you most secure? Life often seems like a hazardous journey between precarious places. It’s not easy to cope when the things we’re clinging to for support are starting to wobble. What if we place too much trust in promises that can’t be kept? Or sources of sustenance that can’t be sustained? How can we find the strength we need? This week, despite an unsettling recent experience, you’ll be blessed with a way to mend what’s broken, heal a wound, and find a reliable source of comfort.

Do you feel as if you’re being intentionally misunderstood and misinterpreted… as if, no matter what you say or how you say it, someone’s going to construe a different meaning to your words? Are you starting to notice how, despite your best efforts to obtain clarity, you keep finding yourself in situations that could be easily misjudged… especially by people who are keen to justify their own beliefs? This week brings a welcome chance to set a record straight and achieve a much clearer line of communication.

We’re all students at the University of Life. Yet, unlike the courses offered by academic institutions, there’s no qualification at the end of our time here. In fact, we never complete the course. We just keep on learning. If we skip a lecture, the lesson comes and finds us. And, sometimes, we have to unlearn what we think we know, and relearn it in the light of a new discovery. This week, the Arc of Aquarius brings an inspiring revelation. Here comes a development that will shift your attitude and take you to the top of the class.

They tell us that it’s not what we know, it’s who we know that counts. But who says it? Do you know them? I don’t! So, the people who tell us that who you know makes a difference are unknown to both of us! And since they don’t know us, how are they going to use their contacts, or intelligence to help us out? This week, it doesn’t matter who you know, it’s what you know. And, it just so happens that what you know is precious. If you use the information you’re about to receive wisely, you can alter a situation to your benefit.

Our sense of smell is peculiar. When we first detect an odour its scent tends to overpower us. Yet, within a short space of time, we hardly notice it. To some extent, we’re able to filter out information from our other senses too. But only to some extent. You’re currently dealing with a situation you’d prefer not to notice. No matter how hard you try to put it to the back of your mind, it keeps popping back and demanding your attention. If you open your eyes and courageously face a difficult issue you can sort it out for good.

People born under the sign of the Archer tend to see themselves as heroic. That’s one of the reasons you’re so willing to race to the rescue, and try to find solutions to problems that suit everyone. You definitely have an ability to come up with innovative ideas and remarkable insights. The downside, is that you often make a rod for your own back in the process. This week brings a chance to renegotiate a challenging commitment. If you lighten your load, you’ll free yourself to ride heroically to the rescue when needed.

You need to have your wheels pointing in the same direction if you want to steer a car along a straight road. You’re currently going round in circles because your head and heart are disagreeing with one another. That’s why it’s so hard to make meaningful progress. These two driving forces need to back each other up; you can’t just ignore one, and allow yourself to be guided by the other. Ask yourself what you’re feeling. Then ask yourself what you’re thinking. You can find a way to reconcile both impulses this week.

Difficulties often give rise to a remarkable sense of motivation. Nothing gets us up off our feet as fast as the feeling that if we don’t do something, a bad situation will get even worse. So, there’s one advantage to the situation you’re dealing with. But there’s another positive to encourage you: the empowered Arc of Aquarius indicates that things are nowhere near as tricky as you think. Your concerns could motivate you to unprecedented new heights of success this week. Nothing but good need come of all that unfolds.

Since we learn from our mistakes, if we don’t make any, we won’t ever learn anything! That’s why some of our ‘errors’ aren’t as problematic as we think. It’s easy to look back on a past decision with a sense of regret. It’s easy too, to paint a bleak picture of an event we wish hadn’t happened. But when we’re hard on ourselves, we make the only kind of error that truly is a mistake. This week, as long as you focus on what’s good and on what could be made good, the Arc of Aquarius promises inspiration and success!

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